Video Redaction – the Challenge and Opportunity


The Video Challenge

Video is an increasingly important part of organisation strategies, whether you are a business engaged in marketing, a government securing borders, or a city trying to take advantage of data analytics to build a “Smart City”.

  • 82% of organisations feel video is an important part of their marketing strategy
  • 39% of organisations use video in their employee training
  • Video will soon account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic

However, the use of video containing images of people can often be restricted due to data privacy laws such as the EU’s GDPR which require either the consent of individuals to have their data processed, or some easy mechanism where by their identifiable data can be removed so you can use the recordings for secondary purposes.

That takes time and costs money, affecting the business value of video in your organisation for security, training, or other purposes.

The Video Opportunity

The opportunity for increasing the value in video comes when we reduce the time, cost, and effort required to:

  • Meet Regulatory compliance obligations, including restrictions on automated processing of personal data
  • Support ethical handling of data
  • Reduce the turn-around time on requests for access to data

Since 2016, Castlebridge has been working with leading researchers to identify technology solutions to this opportunity. Noppera-Bo was formed out of a collaboration with Altada Solutions to commercialise research and development work undertaken with Dublin City University. Our bespoke machine learning processes have been designed from the ground-up with Privacy by Design principles in mind, with design decisions always erring on the privacy-enhancing and privacy respectful.

Our objective has been to build a platform that reduces the need for 3rd party data processors to actively handle or process your video or other media, making it as easy to process video redaction end-to-end as it is to send an attachment by email.

We have built a custom set of APIs for handling video redaction that meet or exceed the capabilities of other commercially available APIs, with the added benefit that your data is never processed for a purpose not related to the provision of video redaction services to you through our platform, which simplifies the chain of data processors that need to be considered when engaging a supplier and recent European Court of Justice rulings on Joint Controller relationships.

Our technology has applications in a range of sectors including:

  • CCTV redaction in traditional security contexts
  • Smart Cities and Local Government
  • Media and journalism

The Goal

The goal of our technology is to be Better, Faster, Cheaper in terms of end to end processing in the various sectors we operate. “Better” in this context includes consideration of wider privacy and data governance considerations, including the privacy and security of data while it is being processed.