Noppera has been in gestation for a while now, with R&D on our core processes to develop our own algorithms and APIs for our redaction processes. While there are commercial products out there, we believe that a privacy enhanced approach requires us to develop our processing ourselves to reduce dependence on 3rd party platforms and their capabilities.

This week, in collaboration with our partners in ThinkPrivacy AB in Sweden, and our Joint Venture parents in Altada and Castlebridge, we were selected to develop proof of concept capabilities for Smart Cities initiatives in Sweden. This will require us to develop a dedicated instance of our Noppera product and, in collaboration with the team in ThinkPrivacy, explore the extension of the platform to new sensor types and data acquisition formats in an urban landscape.

This win recognises the value of the R&D already done and the technical capability of our combined team, along with the deep subject matter expertise of the Noppera-Bo partnership. We look forward to evolving the product further with input from ThinkPrivacy and the learnings from this innovative project in Sweden.

In addition to this, the fantastic feedback we are getting from early adopters of our product bodes well for the future roll out of capabilities and functionality in the Noppera product.


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